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Backed by years of practice at the highest level, the members of Le Patin Libre caused a sensation in 2014 by unveiling Vertical Influences, a choreography on ice inherited from the major currents of contemporary dance. We enjoy what makes skating unique and legitimate as an artistic medium: glide.

Fascinating in their rigor, enthusiasm and virtuosity, the Patin Libre artists are now 15 and still as fast on their skates! Here they are in the footsteps of flocks of birds. High-flying, dizzying skating.

Murmuration 4 © Rolline Laporte.jpg

A contemporary reinvention of the show on ice, Le Patin Libre company is once again sharpening its blades for a new frozen opus. Dazzlement assured.

Vertical Influences is a contemporary ice skating double-bill. Through a unique virtuosity, "Influences" explores human inter-relations and the the link between an individual and its group.

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Glide is composed from chosen excerpts of our repertory, including Vertical Influences.  It is a flexible show availble in various formats.  It can be adapted to small rinks and challenging surfaces.  Glide allows a glance at our emerging artistic form and a quick dive into our creative universe. To present Glide, we deploy our lighting gear anywhere: olympic ice rinks, small outdoor rinks, shopping mall rinks, etc.  Often, the show is immediately followed by a participative activity on ice for the spectators.

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