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15 artists on stage


Fascinating in their rigor, enthusiasm and virtuosity, Le Patin Libre artists are now 15 and still as fast on their skates! Here they are in the footsteps of flocks of birds. High-flying, dizzying skating.


They slide, they slide and take us into their wildest dreams. Far from the glitz and glamour, the sweet rebels of Le Patin Libre have given their letters of nobility to a discipline that they have elevated to the rank of contemporary performing art. Speed, precision and fluid choreography characterize their first two shows which took them to skating rinks all over the world. Their new work on ice, created from simple algorithms complexified by new variables, is inspired by the mysterious phenomenon of bird flocks, those hallucinating aerial ballets - nicely called Murmuration. Micromovements and changes of direction create a domino effect that deviates the trajectory of the group where each one, antennas raised, is constantly on the lookout. In doing so, they explore the dynamic interactions of a harmonious and exhilarating living-together. An adrenaline rush for the whole family!



Choreography The Free Skate (Alexandre Hamel, Pascale Jodoin, Samory Ba)

Music Jasmin Boivin, Philippe Le Bon

Lighting design Yoann Tivoli

Costumes Charlyne Guay, Pascale Jodoin

Artistic Advisor Yaron Lifschitz With Oktawia Ścibior, David Billiau, Kristýna Mikulášová, Taylor Dilley, Sophie Blomqwist, Garrett Kling, Jennifer Edwards, Isaac Lindy, Maude Poulin, Jacqueline Benson, Haley Alcock, Imogen Croft, Samory Ba, Pascale Jodoin, Alexandre Hamel

and partners

Special Partners Heritage Canada, Government of Quebec 
Co-productions National Arts Centre's National Creation Fund, CanDanse Creation Fund/ Danse Danse, National Arts Centre, Dance House, Fall for Dance North in collaboration with TO Live, la Rotonde, Théâtre de la Ville de Paris Support Conseil des arts du Canada, Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec, Council of the Arts of Montreal, Dance North Scotland, Patinoire Le Dôme (Laon, France), Patinoire Le Blizz (Rennes, France), City of Baie-Saint-Paul


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