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Ice Events

Whether for a winter carnival, the inauguration of an ice rink or a cultural mediation event, our friendly artist-skaters are happy to take advantage of various opportunities to share their art, their passion for glide and their long experience in organizing inclusive and participatory on-ice events (even for beginners!):

  • Short demonstrations and animated participatory activities

  • Animation of public skating sessions

  • Dance parties on ice, nightlife events

  • Activities and demonstrations for winter carnivals and municipal events

  • Shoots and cinema projects

  • Fundraising, special and corporate events

  • Shows and activities adapted for school and pre-school audiences

  • As guests artists, inclusion of short performances in shows


Education through skating

Skating is a popular cultural activity and fact. It creates an attractive gateway to contemporary art. The theaters and artistic festivals that present our works often schedule related and promotional activities that increase this openness to new audiences:

  • short performances inserted in unifying contexts

  • public initiation workshops to our form of skating

  • choreographic workshops for local skating enthusiasts

  • post-show ice dance party

  • short roller skate performances in public spaces

On Wheels

Our artists wanted to experience with street performance and developed short roller skating shows.

To promote our ice shows or reach audiences where there are no ice rinks, these shows are ideal.  They bring contemporary choreography to the streets and public spaces.


Our big shows

Outdoor or indoor, our big shows create a special moment integrated in your event.  These shows can be longer, for seated audiences or shorter for spectators standing around the rink.  Le Patin Libre's shows are full of virtuosity and dynamism.  They are celebrated in festivals all around the world.  Right after the performance, the artists can welcome spectators on the ice for animated ice skating activities for beginners and experts alike.  We can provide sound and lighting.

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